Amplifiers and receivers

A quality and stable amplifier is a condition for the speakers to show what they can do.

The better the amplifier, the better the sound. 

We offer proven amplifiers and AV receivers from the English brand Arcam, top Lindemann digital amplifiers, the world's unique KR Audio tube amplifiers and amplifiers from the Pro-Ject Box design series. 

Yamaha network receivers are the ideal solution for those who want to use a wide range of music sources - streaming services, network drives or turntables.


British classic 

Are you looking for a neutral reproduction in the spirit of "British hifi sound"? Arcam is the right choice. Even the basic SA10 amplifier will be the ideal partner for the HDA CDS50 player. 

In addition to the power and the unique company G-Class in amplifier circuits, the higher models will also offer the option of streaming over the network - you will enjoy this with the SA30 model with an honest 120W of power up to 8Ohm. 

We offer home cinema fans award-winning receivers for 5 + 1 sound system up to Dolby Atmos in the highest possible quality. 


German legend for the digital age 

Digital amplifiers are gaining popularity for their compactness and energy efficiency. The top combination is the source and power components of the Musicbook series, which can be connected in both classic and bi-amping configurations. 

The Limetree range offers affordable compact "boxes", such as a high-quality phono preamplifier or bridge for connecting your DA converter equipped amplifier to network.


Compact devices of high quality

Pro-Ject devices have gained popularity with their compact design and also with their ability to respond to current trends.

They often integrate an amplifier, a phono amplifier, a Bluetooth receiver and a digital/analogue converter in surprising quality.

With a suitable combination with Acoustic Quality or Pro-Ject speakers, you can achieve an exceptional class of sound



Quality stereo and cinema with network functions

If you are looking for a versatile stereo listening device or surround sound for your home theatre, Yamaha network receivers are a good choice. The devices combine unrivalled digital and analogue versatility, without resigning to the quality of amplifier circuits.

If you have already solved the sound source, try listening to one of the Yamaha amplifiers from us. It maintains its philosophy of Natural sound, which means fidelity to the original, the purity of the performance and also the quality of the components used.


... because music matters

Marantz is a constant and a legend whose main philosophy is to deliver emotions and the joy of music.
We chose devices from its range that appealed to us with convincing sound in combination with AQ speakers and, in addition to high-quality design, offer listening from streaming platforms and home devices via the HEOS system.
In our showrooms in Prague and Brno, you can listen to an amplifier with streamer PM7000N or a network stereo receiver NR7200.