Everything for perfect audio and video transmission.

We offer a wide range of audio and video cables and help you choose the right ones for your set. We also offer power cables, filters and accessories.

Because we know that you will appreciate the benefit of especially more expensive cables only when connected in your set, we offer a home test before a buy.


American legend

The AudioQuest brand is undoubtedly a legend and we are happy to offer it to our customers in the full range of products - from power cables, through signal and digital to speaker cables.

The Dragonfly series USB D / A converters are an extremely successful product, which has become popular for their compactness and sound quality.

In recent years, Audioquest has also focused on filter units for AV components. In our stores, you will find top Niagara models as well as affordable mains filters with PowerQuest surge protection.

AQ premium

great price / performance ratio

If you are looking for a quality connection for your devices at a great price, the AQ Premium brand is the right choice.

The offer includes signal cables, speaker cables, but also HDMI for perfect transmission of the video signal and USB cables for digital audio.